University of Houston - Pia

This stuff is bottled MAGIC. I've been on the hunt for natural bug spray for AGES - living in Houston and historically being the person that gets devoured by mosquitoes in a group has made me desperate enough to use the really nasty chemical stuff. But no more! My first experience with Bye-You Bug was using it during a 3-hour, outdoor event walking through a park on a bayou in Houston 24 hours after a huge rainstorm - aka Mosquito Heaven. Armed with Bye-You Bug, I had NOT A BITE at the end of the day. Will never use anything else to keep the bugs at bay.

Gulf Coast & Southeast - Amber

Time spent in New Orleans and all over Georgia, but did not have mosquitos until we crossed the border into South Carolina from Savannah. Immediately sprayed the Bye-You Bug on our arms while we rode in the car with the windows down while driving in a wildlife refuge. Also the biggest mosquitos I've ever seen. After we got sprayed no more bugs in the car! YAY!

Canadian Black Bear (VIDEO) - Ryan R.

I just returned from my black bear hunting trip in Canada.  Attached are a few pictures of your product with a few black bears.   I also attached a short video of me spraying your product into the air as a black bear walked under my tree stand.  Your product smell did not bother the bear in the least.  We used Thermo cells provided by the outfitter, but I have to say on my last hunt my Thermo cell ran out of propane and I had your products in my backpack.  Bye-You Bug was used and allowed me to remain in the stand for another 2 hours without suffering.   The mosquitos and the black flies are thick in the Canadian woods and your product did not scare the bears as the video can attest.  Bye-You Bug allowed me to remain in woods longer.


Noida, India - Kasey Y.

So just wanted to say, I've been sleeping in a room in Noida, India for three days that's FULL of Mosquitos. I have been applying my lavender scented Bye-you Bug diligently 2-3 times a day, and haven't had a single bite on me. Last night I was too sleepy to spray it on before bed, and I woke up with 10 giant bites on my arms and legs!!! I won't be without my Bye-You Bug again!