Missouri City, TX - Angie G.

Thank you so much for your awesome product. My husband borrowed my small bottle of "Bye-You Bug" spray that I had purchased. Several of his tennis friends tried it and now they cannot live without it!! So when my husband passes along the message to me that the guys want more spray, I know that I have to get an order in quickly!! I guess your product is doing what it's suppose to do. Will definitely be ordering again!

Thanks, Angie G.

Baytown, TX - Keli J.

Please send it back down to Baytown/Mont Belvieu!!! I have everyone convinced that this is the best product on the market. I have O- blood and I’m a type 1 diabetic allergic to most insect bites, and even in the marshland/swamps mosquitoes leave us alone. I break out from most bug sprays and my skin is extremely sensitive and, y’all’s product doesn’t cause any issues.

Houston, TX - Gayle


A free sample of Bye-You Bug was given to me in May 2018 at the St. Basil Greek festival in Houston. The 2oz size was perfect for traveling and I had a chance to use it on our trip to Tahiti. The area, like other tropical islands, is infested with mosquitos. I absolutely loved your Bye-You Bug with goat milk and used it both day and night. A couple of times I forgot to use it and I payed dearly. Thanks so much for creating and introducing me to such a wonderful LOCAL  product!

Atlanta, GA - Melody N.

I love BYE YOU BUG products as I have been using them for weeks now.  I use them  on myself and my baby and it works great and smells good too. It also feels cool to the skin and is not sticky . I am honored to even know the creators of this product personally shout out to Sarah and Ryan. Good products to have in your household especially in Arizona and other warm humid states were there is mosquitos or whatever else bites . No more wasting my money on other products that dont do what they say they do. I am a big fan of "BYE YOU BUG"

Houston, TX - Taylored Home Solutions

As a handyman, I spend a fair amount of time outdoors, and mosquitoes have always been a problem for me.  For some reason, they just love my ankles…

Before I found this stuff, I used to cover myself with Deep Woods Off.  Don’t get me wrong, Off works great (Deet is the active ingredient), but then I always smelled like Off. My wife dubbed the smell as my “hunting cologne”.  Plus I didn’t like the idea of spraying myself with chemicals on a regular basis.

Now that I found Bye-You Bug®, not only do I smell better (that is a relative term of course….) I am helping the environment (go green!!!) by using less chemicals.